Virtual Subset 2013

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  1. Mark G says:

    I really hope to see the Demon King piccolo this time around.

  2. Edison Carasio says:

    If we are making wishes for personalities that have been missed, we sorely need a Kami. Either a lv. 1 as an ally or a full MP set to make Namekian a little bit more exciting. I have no idea why Pikkon was given the go ahead to declare Namekian when there are other namekians that could have been made.

  3. Anthony M. says:

    Maybe a Burder, or Recoome, as allies, just those personalities that we never saw in the card game.

  4. Edison Carasio says:

    I wish we could see any number of personalities from that era. Trunks Saga really confused me as to why they went with Garlic Jr. and crew for starters instead of Capt. Ginyu, Zarbon, Frieza, and King Cold. Zarbon nearly killed Vegeta, and Capt. Ginyu obviously was a huge obstacle with a really interesting ability in the DBZ universe.

  5. that guy says:

    the guys could just make the personalities starting from the first season all the way to the final that didnt get to happen, they could also make a kid buu level 1. id also like to see some of the other movie characters.

    • Edison Carasio says:

      I think Kid Buu doesn’t need anymore personality levels. He has some of the best in the game IMO.

    • Joshman says:

      If an already playable personality like Buu or Goku or Gohan got a new personality level, it would be something to fit into a niche archetype, rather than an “every deck” card.

      A good example of this would be the virtual Vegeta and Cell Lv. 1. One exception to this would be the Cell Lv. 3, which we did as a holiday themed card. We generally avoid that, though.

      • that guy says:

        i actually think niche archetypes are one of the best things you guys could make cards for. maybe even a heroic theme for someone like olibu. maybe even a niche for uub.

  6. Mark G says:

    what about a supreme kai level 3 since they only made two that are completely useless as allies.

    As far as kid buu getting a new level 1, I don’t see the point since his other MP sets are so good and a bit over powered to start. I would like to just see new characters, and fixes to MP’s that suck to help them more playable.

  7. Axlotl says:

    This game needs a new level 1 Tien. Something to make named card Tien energy decks work. Something for Jolting Aura, Tri Beam, power stance, and Focused beam spam. Since Tien seems to push himself a lot to the edge of death, maybe something like pay life cards for a boost to tien named cards? like ‘When entering combat, you may discard the top 4 cards of your life deck to have all Tien named cards do +3 life cards of damage. Optional so it doesn’t kill you, a brutal modifier for when you have a tri beam or power stance, a nice gamble option when you have jolting auras, since you have to decide before you’d ever see what you draw. It would even help fuel focused beam and make focused beams more dangerous.

  8. I think a Janemba personality set would be really cool.

  9. Synthetix says:

    I think a more themed approach to the virtual sets would be nice, similar to the way each saga was in general. You could even go as far back as Dragonball itself seeing as how you’ve already made DB named cards like the RR guys (Black, Blue, Red) and the upcoming King Piccolo. Kid versions of the original cast could be fun, so long as they were they’re own personality and not playable with current MPs similar to the way Trunks and Kid Trunks, or Gohan and Future Gohan are. More movies would be great too.

    On a side note, does anyone know of a site or link to empty card templates, I’d like to try my hand at custom reprints, if only for the sake of fun. My initial goal would be remaking my old Gohan Swordplay with pictures that were actually cool to look at instead of watching Gohan horrible sword training from the original cards.

  10. Paul Keil says:

    I think there should be some mp’s based on the new movie battle of I personally would like to see a super sayain bardok..just saying lol

  11. Mark G says:

    I recently made some fusion MP’s based on the failed fusions (and a failed fusion card), and been play testing them they work more like utility cards, so they could help or hurt you.

    Plus a Gogeta fusion (play tested him a few times he needs a tweak to be more balanced).

  12. cabbageman says:

    I agree with Mark. It would be nice to have a level 3 supreme kai.

    His level 2 is not OP, not like SWK. But even then she can be beat…..

    I’d like to see a new chiaotzu mp set.

  13. Dfisher says:

    The reason there will never be a Supreme kai level 3 is because his level 1 would be better than anything else ever made.

    • Mark G says:

      I still don’t think it’s that bad, with Roshi, 18, Gohan the book worm(who in my opion is the worst). I made my own and just gave him a simple block, still needs to be playtested tho.
      Worse case you take the unofficial level 3 off the market.

  14. Edison Carasio says:

    Supreme Kai would be better than Roshi, 18 and Gohan Bookworm combined.

  15. Edison Carasio says:

    Maybe I’m exaggerating but really the level 1 he was given shouldn’t be a MP. I’d be ok with him receiving new 1-3 as long as they can’t be mixed with the level 1 from the original ccg.

  16. Mark G says:

    He only really affects your opponent when he is the one entering combat, saiyan and namekin wont really be that affected, and the growing amount of free styles. i don’t know id just like to try him out.

  17. that guy says:

    level one for supreme kai is good. and his level 2 is alright. to make him playable the best thing to do is make him a level 3 and maybe a level 4 that makes you level up over time. also what it would do is just get worse over time. in the show supreme kai was powerful and mysterious in the beginning. but near his end he just got worse. this would make him playable even with the level 1 and make you have to win in a short amount of time or the game would get harder as time goes.

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      You guys are idiots. His level 1 would be on tapkars level of greatness. If he had a level 3 and I was the only one to use him, I could use a starter deck and never lose a game…..

  18. Speed says:

    Man those personalities of Ginyu, tien, and chioatzu! Kami seems interesting too! Sadly I have no one to play this with 🙁 I think that a Supreme Kai lvl 3 would be cool. I’ve always liked the guy and would love to just be able to play a personality set of him for fun, not even to win or be competitive.

    PS: You guys rock! Cool cards! Maybe some more TIen named card love and a supreme Kai ? (:{D

    • Yea Supreme Kai was a very important part of the show and a cool character through and through. Sucks it didn’t translate well to the card game. Not because it isn’t powerful as it has been eloquently stated previously. Cards revolving around non-combats are just very hard to use. It would make sense for him to be a playable MP since he had so much impact. Who knows, there are creative solutions to most problems.

      If you’re looking to play, the tournament section lists upcoming events in a wide variety of locations and is a facebook group where a lot of helpful people can set you up to play online through OCTGN. New tournaments are popping up quite frequently on there.

  19. Mark G says:

    I made a supreme kai level 3

  20. Midgard says:

    So I’ve been making some alt art cards just for the hell of it, and I was wondering if you guys could make some base templates available? Something pretty basic so someone (like me) without photoshop or photoshop skills could make slightly more attractive alt art cards. Also what font do you use for the virtual cards?

  21. Kolzi says:

    Do you guys take suggested card designs into consideration at all?

    • Joshman says:

      Sometimes, if they are well thought out and supported with precedence and insight.

      • Danny Rider says:

        How about just taking a list of requests and you guys decide how/if you want to roll with it? I know I’ve missed some live chats but it seems it has been awhile since requests got made (though waiting a year for Garlic Jr was worth it).

  22. majinpiccolo says:

    Wondering if you guys are doing anymore with Namekians. I think King Piccolo (think vicious villain card powers) would be nice as well as Guru as an Ally or a main personality all about the Dragon balls, that would be neat. Cant wait to here your thoughts.

  23. gcardoso says:

    Will they be available to OCTGN too ?

    • Joshman says:

      None of the folks who run this site manage, or even know how to manipulate, OCTGN. If they were to be made for OCTGN, they would have to be programmed in by someone else.

  24. Darryl Fisher says:

    Id just like to say that I previously thought the cards you guys made were all pretty bad. The last 8 or 9 though have been spot on. They’re fun to play with and can all be competitive with the right direction.

    Keep up the good work!!

  25. Aaron Culver says:

    I am new to returning to the card game but want to say thanks for fueling the desire for people to replay the dbz ccg. I do apologize in advance for my ignorance on this topic but where can you get the virtual cards to play? Is there somewhere where you can obtain them or buy them or do you just print the cards from here online to use in your decks?

  26. MrSatan says:

    why does friezas pur go from 5 on lvl4 down to 4 on lvl5?

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