Retro DBZ CCG Virtual Cards 2015

This is the 2015 edition of Retro DBZ CCG Virtual Cards. These cards are fan art that we create to be compatible with the Score Entertainment Dragon Ball Z CCG. These cards are not official, have never been printed and are not legal or compatible with Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG. We create these cards for events run under the Retro DBZ CCG format, where you can create mock-ups of these cards and play them in your decks at events using the Retro format. We annually hold a large tournament at Gen Con Indy with prizes for you to test your skill with these cards in our custom format.

4 Comments to "Retro DBZ CCG Virtual Cards 2015"

  1. Rick Garcia says:

    I have a really good Drill that I made 11 years ago at one of our DBZ league night…how can I put it to be considered to be made official?

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  3. Stryyder says:

    Cross Epoch? Very nice.

  4. Could we see a remake of Goku super saiyan 3 but with a better power rating? I loved the ability but I felt the power level they gave him was extremely underwhelming.

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