Panini America DBZ Promos

Panini America DBZ Promos, including the rarest and most valuable card in the game: Super Saiyan God Goku! These cards are (typically) not found in packs. The individual card titles will be updated with how that promo card could be obtained as that information becomes available.

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  1. Tuck says:

    So will the SSG Goku be legal for play? It just seems way over powered compared to where the other MP are starting at. For that matter has there been any word on how the card game will handle new releases as far as rotation of cards like in magic the gathering. I hate how the old MP would become obsolete after the new sets would release due to the power difference. I don’t think this would be as bad if there was some for of rotation or cycle. Also I have heard that the original cards would be legal for play. That comes back to how they will handle the power difference. What would stop people from using MP from the buu saga that has a much higher power level than the ones that they are printing?

    • Michael says:

      Power level never mattered if you were a smart player. My main deck was Tien (even through kid buu…) and I often dealt 40-50 life cards of damage with a single attack. Google the following cards: Master Roshi’s Scouting Drill, Devastation Drill, Buu saga Freestyle mastery, Tien level 1 Sayian saga.

      • Actually, if you notice, so far they are doing a great job at number ‘crushing’.
        The old personalities stayed at ever higher PLs as they leveled up or got newer versions.
        So far, these look like they take ‘Damage’. Even up through level 3 and 4 can dip low down the power chart.

        As long as they continue to ‘Crush’ the power levels lower down the stages, there shouldn’t be as much basic power level drift as there was before.

  2. headhunter1977 says:

    only the ssg goku is differnt from the cards in set they are pointless

  3. Hadeus says:

    Actually, the promo Krillin’s power doesn’t boost anger, so it’s the better of the two if you want to stay on his level one.

  4. Daniel. Day says:

    Where’s. The lvl 4 piccolo wait an saga promo are they just abandoning him.

  5. Daniel. Day says:

    What happen to saiyan saga lvl 4 piccolo

  6. Andrew Dill says:

    I love that the promos this time around are all alternate art. That was a pretty big headache/mistake/balance issue last time around to have really hard to get, but necessary promos from all sorts of random places (lol Kraft promos?) This way is much better, Panini (or Aik) is being smart and giving the alternate art promos to actual good cards too like Time is a Warrior’s Tool, Confrontation, Staredown, named cards, etc. It will be interesting to see how they are released this time around.

  7. […] immediately is the missing starter card Orange Truck Lift. The only other options right now are any of the alt art promo cards that were printed with the Premiere set. At least this time it looks like Panini learned from the […]

  8. Allen says:

    How was the P13 Frieza – Tyrant promo actually made available? Is it not a HT card?

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