Panini America DBZ Demo Decks

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  1. epicstarwars says:

    Dose anyone know what Vegeta’s levels 2-4 do? The image on FB is too blurry to understand.

  2. scott harris says:

    anyone have a shot of the attack table they are using

  3. Leo Balladares says:

    Trunks looks like a pretty interesting personality.

  4. […] Comic Con, we were able to find some clear-ish pics of the Vegeta personality set and added them to the Panini America DBZ Card Library. We will add clearer pics as soon as we are able, but we thought some of you might appreciate the […]

  5. I can’t wait for this game! Hopefully it doesn’t fail and it can go far. With the way this set is, it covers through trunks. So maybe they’ll throw in some dragon ball series to add to it?

  6. Mortiscrum says:

    I wish they imported the card drawing rules from GT – look at the top 6, pick 3, put the other 3 back. IMO, this improves the game on so many levels. The fact that this rule isn’t used is the main reason I haven’t sought out a Retro Tourny yet.

  7. So. I dont know this game yet.. Can someone tell me how works a battle between someone “weak” as Tien and someone Strong as Broly? Thxs a lot!

    • Joshman says:

      Most energy attacks ignore power levels, as they are only really important for making physical attacks. A personality like Broly can make stronger physical attacks without aid, but that alone isn’t a game winning advantage.

  8. […] this point we still haven’t seen all the cards for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z, but the imagination is flaring for the possibilities in expanded. We still don’t know how we […]

  9. Someone knows if there will be a Tien card in the first edition?

  10. […] up until release. The ones you see today are the final versions of a few cards already revealed in the San Diego Comic Con demo decks. All the cards after today are brand new, never before seen cards. […]

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