Namekian Piccolo Demo Deck

This is the full demo deck for the Piccolo main personality set with the Namekian Knowledge Mastery. All cards in this deck were made available before the official release, and as a result the final names, art, powers and rarity may have changed. Folks are encouraged to print out and proxy this and other demo decks for teaching purposes only, and should discontinue the use of these decks and buy the actual product once it becomes available. Please note that these decks are only 40 cards rather than the standard 60. 000 Power Chart Main Personality Lv. 1 Piccolo - Stoic Lv. 2 Piccolo - Combat Stance Lv. 3 Piccolo - Unleashed Lv. 4 Piccolo - Fused   Mastery Namekian Knowledge Mastery   Energy Combat Cards (16) 3x Namekian Energy Guard 2x Namekian Focused Beams 2x Namekian Targeted Strike 2x Namekian Onslaught 2x Namekian Dragon Blast 2x Namekian Finger Lasers 2x Namekian Sudden Blast Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon   Physical Combat Cards (11) 3x Namekian Forceful Block 2x Namekian Right Throw 2x Namekian Side Kick 2x Namekian Elbow Strike 2x Namekian Crushing Slam   Event Combat Cards (6) 3x Namekian Hybrid Defense Namekian Regeneration Confrontation Heroic Energy Sphere   Setup Cards (3) Namekian Fusion Namekian Wish Dragon Radar   Dragon Ball Cards (4) Namek Dragon Ball 3 Namek Dragon Ball 5 Namek Dragon Ball 6 Namek Dragon Ball 7  

5 Comments to "Namekian Piccolo Demo Deck"

  1. Smithformeragent says:

    Per the PAT, looks like the power up/non-combat steps have been simplified.

    No more rule sharking on cards like Teaching the Unteachable.

    I like it.

  2. Clayton says:

    I’m new to the game and this version looks so much more approachable than the original. I can’t wait.

  3. Daniel Green says:

    Awesome, going to be using this at the shop for our demo events. Are there any other decks that are going to be posted, or are my new players going to be going Namek a Namek for a while?

  4. Arthur says:

    Namekian Mastery looks good, some attacks look amazing though.

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