Dragon Ball GT TCG Promo Cards (Miscellaneous)

This is the complete image library for every Dragon Ball GT TCG Promo Card that did not fit in with any other set or release. Where possible, we try to indicate where the cards could be obtained. (Note: These cards are not legal in any Retro DBZ CCG format events.)

Atari Promos: These cards were pre-order bonuses for certain Dragon Ball Z games published by Atari.

Blaster Pack Promos: These cards were bundled in Dragon Ball GT Blaster Pack releases.

Grand Kai Invitational Promo: This card was given out at to all participants at the final Grand Kai Invitational event. This is the only card numbering system to have be continued from Dragon Ball Z.

GKI2 Your Wish Has Been Granted

High Tech Promos: These cards were available through various means, some were given out with purchases at Game Stop stores.

Judge Promos: These cards were available as rewards to Score Entertainment game judges. Note: There is no J2, a story you can read about by clicking here.

Tin Promos: These cards were available in Dragon Ball GT TCG Collector’s Tins.

Video Promos: These cards were available in Dragon Ball GT DVD releases.


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