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  1. Lovro says:

    I read somewhere that this card can stop multiple energy attacks in a single combat. I’ve always kinda played it as a single stop, defense(ish) shield card. If it can stop multiple attacks, can it also stop focused attacks, since it isn’t exactly a defense shield (Maybe I’m getting this wrong)? Can someone perhaps clarify.Thanks!

  2. Envision says:

    “Drills are Non-Combat cards whose card title ends in the word “Drill”. Unlike Non-Combat cards, Drills are kept in play after use and can be used multiple times throughout your turn.” This is taken from the most up to date rule book. So I would say yes it can be used multiple times per combat. Can be used to stop focus energy attacks as it only stops one at a time. This card is one of the most OPUR cards in the game which is why my group have housed ruled it Limit 1 Per Deck.

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