Orange Star High School: Proxy Cards 101

Interested in making proxy cards for home games and the Gen Con Tournament? Proxy cards are legal in all Retro DBZ CCG events, and are incredibly useful for playtesting purposes in other card games. Not a bad skill to learn. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Copy and paste the card image you want to proxy into Microsoft Word.

  2. Right-Click the image in word to change the size. Click on “Size” when the dropdown menu appears and enter “3.44” in the height column.

  3. Go to “Page Layout” in word and change the margin size by clicking “Custom Margins” and first changing the orientation to Landscape and then change all the margin sizes to “.13”. This will allow you to put up to eight cards on a sheet.

  4. Save the document onto a flash drive or other transferable media.

  5. Print them out at a local copy place.

18 Comments to "Orange Star High School: Proxy Cards 101"

  1. Manic says:

    Oh i’d like to point out i was wrong about the price on the sticker paper its actually $14 for 30 sheets. Still plenty, you could make almost an entire deck out of proxys with 11 sheets with the method above.

  2. Joshman says:

    I typically print at Kinko’s/FedEx office. Costs about .53 cents per sheet for a color copy, which is basically 8 cards. Once I cut them out, I just slip them over other cards in a deck sleeve.

  3. Manic says:

    well there ya go its about .47 cents per sheet for the sticker paper, but you also have the cost of ink which wouldnt add that much more.

  4. Chipmunk says:

    This article should be stickied on the website until GenCon. =)


    • Joshman says:

      It is linked off both the “Tournaments” and “Rules” page, in the sections that talk about proxies.

  5. that guy says:

    i just proxy in black and white after saving the pictures. i get about 9 cards since theyre not fully sized. but i only proxy for fun since i cant go to a tournament.

  6. OrangeHatGuy says:

    I should make a video on how to make foil proxies. It’s about twice as expensive and a bit more difficult, but ultimately worth your time if you like having shiny cards that were never printed with foil versions (Last year people like my foil PLC, MBFs, and Startled, this year I plan to foil any virtual cards I run!)

  7. Manic says:

    yeah ive heard about making your own foils, i just never bothered with it. Depending on how many decks you’re making, this already takes up enuff time/money so i doubt id venture into making foil cards since it seems like it be a pain in the ass.

  8. kenny rowe says:

    This shit crazy I’m gonna be there like old times

  9. Brian Valdez says:

    Manic, you need to chill out, you are waaaay too enthusiastic. At the end of the third video when you were like,”That’s it!!!” I had to turn down my speakers.

    But for real, not a bad video at all. Depending on prices at your local printing shop I’d consider have them printing the cards out on a high resolution printer on high quality card stock. That way you get the quality of Gloss Photo paper and the same thickness of a playing card (when put together with your favorite adhesive). As for making foil cards. It’s as simple as getting some Foil Magic Lands, Acetone. Deinking the foil land, than printing transparent versions of your cards. I just wish the android saga foils were printed like the Magic Lands so I could use tat foil pattern.

  10. Manic says:

    haha I didnt notice much difference on my computers but i guess it depends on your set up. I figured someone would point out the number of times i say UHHH and UMMM, cus it actually becomes quite annoying when you key in on it.

  11. what if you don’t have any of the dbz cards to put your proxies on?

  12. what if you have no dbz ccg cards to put the stickers on?

  13. Darryl Fisher says:

    There is a wonderful thing called “ebay”. Pick up a bunch of commons for like 5 bucks. Or you could really use any ccg as long as its all the same game so the cards will be identical. So you could use old magic lands or pokemon energies, should be pretty cheap for those.

  14. Edison Carasio says:

    Or just put any CCG card in a sleeve and slip the paper in over it.

  15. Ashire says:

    “This video does not exist.” …I would love to see what they have to say.
    Is there a new link, or are these videos posted elsewhere? I’d love to know.

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