DBZ Steps Into the OCTGN

Dragonballzocg.com is undergoing some big changes to their site as they change the focus of the website to also support Score’s DBZ card games. To start off this refocus they have created an OCTGN game file for the Dragon Ball Z CCG. This will allow everyone to play Score’s original dbz card game online against opponent’s anywhere in the world, using whatever cards they want to build their decks with. Their patches include every card in the game.

You can download the OCTGN patch on their websitewww.dragonballzocg.com, and join the chat room to find people to play against. They’re also running online tournaments for the game, starting off with a Focused Z event beginning Wednesday 9th which is free to enter with cash prizes up to $100!

You can download the OCTGN patch on their website www.dragonballzocg.com, and join the chat room to find people to play against. They’re also running online tournaments for the game, starting off with a Focused Z event beginning Wednesday 9th which is free to enter with cash prizes up to $100!

This is just the beginning of the events they’re planning to hold for the game. They also have patches for both the Expanded and Focused GT formats. The DBZTCG will be added soon as well. There will be online tournaments running constantly for all of Score’s dbz/gt card games, and league events held almost every night of the week!

They also plan to start a tournament circuit held at conventions all over America, and will be supporting local tournaments in any areas with enough players. They are looking for anyone who wants to run events in their area, so contact them if you’re interested, and add yourself to the Player Location Map so they can see what areas still have a large group of players.

The online tournaments are a great way to play the DBZCCG again as often as you want to with player’s looking for games in their chat room every day. The tournaments are also good to practise for GenCon, and maybe win a bit of money too. So if you haven’t already, join their site, download the game, and sign up for their tournament now! Check out their site www.dragonballzocg.com for more information.

17 Comments to "DBZ Steps Into the OCTGN"

  1. Kamiccolo says:

    Thanks for posting this =)

    The tournament registration is going to be extended until Saturday 12th at 10pmCT so everyone will have a little more time to download the patch, build a deck, and submit it for the tournament.

  2. Dan says:

    Wow. That is awesome.

  3. DBM says:

    still no Mac solution for OCTGN, is there?

  4. Kamiccolo says:

    You should be able to use Wine to play with OCTGN. http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX/Installing

    • DBM says:

      that link is the most complicated thing I have ever seen. I’ll just buy a PC…

      • Kamiccolo says:

        Haha I have no idea how to do it either. Buying a PC would be an easier option.

        I’d like to start promoting playing over Skype in the future, as well as local tournaments held around America. We will probably need a more active community before I can get a lot of those things going though. They all rely on a lot of other people to be involved with it because there’s no point unless there’s a lot of other people to play against.

      • Sayjin says:

        Isn’t there some way to create like… a partitioned Windows desktop on a mac that you can switch between? I could’ve sworn my uncle does that on his.

        • DBM says:

          yeah you can do it, but that costs about the same as a cheap PC laptop (unless you can get a cracked version of Win 7)

          • Maupin says:

            I am not a Mac OS user by any means, but couldn’t you get an older Windows OS ( like XP or even Vista ) and do the same thing with putting it on the Mac using a Dual Boot option?

  5. Eric says:

    Well to anyone that still wants to join you have less than 1 day to join now, 22 hours. Join the tournament and win some easy cash for playing a game you enjoy playing and prove your the best.

  6. Daveyy49 says:

    Having problems downloading the Focused Z set. The download corrupts leaving me only the Saiyan, Frieza and Trunks saga. Anyone else had this issue?

  7. Kamiccolo says:

    Our site is terrible to download large files from (especially if your internet is slow). If you keep trying then it may work eventually but you can also download it here:

  8. WonkaPlaysDbz says:

    if anyone wants to play over skype or needs any tips on deck building let me know my skype is Antwonatron

  9. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    Where’d you get the Fusion PAT? Can’t find it anywhere…

  10. Mitch says:

    I make custom DBZ CCG cards. Great way to revisit my youth. http://bit.ly/PWb6oy

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